Sunday, November 2, 2014

Red Wedding Decorations Ideas-Red Flowers

Red can add a lot of depth and interest to a wedding, incorporate red flowers into bouquets and table arrangements. What red flowers to be considered for your red theme wedding?

1.Red Roses
Interspersed with the very deep red roses, add very dark calla lilies, tie the bouquet together with a white ribbon to create a mysterious and elegant look.
Dark Red Roses with black calla lilies bridal bouquets

2.Red Tulips
Place a grouping of red tulips with tea light candles surrounding them on each table at the reception. 
red tulips with tea light candles surrounding them on each table at the reception.

Use flowers in all shades of red , from bright red to wine to magenta, in your bridal bouquet or bridesmaids’ bouquets. 
bouquets with all shades of red flowers

4.Red and Pink
Use an equal number of red and pink roses in the bouquet, add pretty pink berries throughout, tie the bottom of the bouquet with pearls or a sheer ribbon in cream or white to create a feminine look.
bouquet with red and pink flowers

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  1. Undeniably all these Red Wedding Decorations Ideas are just awesome!! I love red roses and used them for the decoration of my wedding anniversary party. Next month there is my husband’s birthday and I am looking for inexpensive banquet halls in Chicago for the party. If you have suggestions then please share!!